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Terms and conditions 

The following agreement has been entered into between The Online GirlBoss, the service provider (hereinafter referred to as the website), and visitors to the site (hereinafter referred to as the customer) for the provision of theonlinegirlboss.com (hereinafter referred to as the service):

1. Scope of the Agreement

This agreement regulates the parties' duties and rights regarding the service provided to the customer by The Online GirlBoss, which includes:

The website the customer visits, including the homepage, all pages in the header and footer.

This does not include links to third-party websites.

2. Duration of the Agreement and Third-Party Links

The agreement runs from the time of its establishment until it is terminated by either party. The agreement applies as long as the customer remains on the website.

In some cases, The Online GirlBoss may operate as an affiliate to third-party websites and may offer, recommend, or advertise products from third-party websites. The Online GirlBoss does not have control over these third-party websites. If you leave the website by clicking on an affiliate link or choose to leave the website in another way, it is considered a termination of the agreement. The customer is no longer bound by this agreement once they have left the website.

3. Definition of the Service

The service consists of:


4. Customer Service/Error Reporting

Error reports and support inquiries are to be submitted via email: [email protected]

Less severe inquiries, including changes/terminations or general questions, are preferably made via email: [email protected]

5. Breach and Compensation

The Online GirlBoss cannot be held financially responsible for secondary consequences resulting from the cessation of the service for the user.

6. The Online GirlBoss's Responsibility

The Online GirlBoss is obligated to strive to maintain the service as described in the terms, with the highest possible uptime. However, unintended interruptions in the service may occur, and in the event of interruptions caused by errors on The Online GirlBoss's part, The Online GirlBoss will attempt to rectify the error as soon as possible and within a reasonable time.

7. Customer's Responsibility

The customer accepts the obligations described below:

The service can only be used internally and cannot be resold or forwarded without consent from The Online GirlBoss.

The customer is entirely responsible for ensuring that the service is not used for activities contrary to Norwegian law or that cause inconvenience to The Online GirlBoss or a third party.

The customer is financially responsible for purchases made outside of The Online GirlBoss, even if the purchase is made through one of the website's affiliate links. The Online GirlBoss is not financially responsible for the customer's purchases; the customer is solely responsible for this.

8. Force Majeure

Applies due to unforeseen events beyond The Online GirlBoss's control. This could include labor disputes, fire, war, confiscation, currency restrictions, riots, transportation shortages, restrictions on goods, defects, or delays from subcontractors or manufacturers. Circumstances covered by this provision exempt The Online GirlBoss from all liability.

9. Disputes

Any disputes between the parties shall be sought to be resolved through negotiation. If the parties do not reach an agreement, disputes shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with Chapter 32 of the Dispute Act, under Norwegian law.